Competitive Analysis


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Targeted Business-to-Business/B2B Competitor Lists

Develop lists of potential competitors by using criteria such as geographic location, industry codes, size of company, which will reconfirm previously identified competitors and identify those companies you not aware of.





Company Profiles

Develop profile of a company through resources including company directories, newspapers and regional business journals, websites, and social media in order to gain an understanding of a potential competitor or customer’s business.



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Industry Profiles

Develop profile of an industry, including overviews, trends and forecasts, through resources including industry databases, industry trade publication and trade association information, and government information which will enable you to keep up on the industry you currently operate in or help you to gain understanding of an industry you wish to enter or do business in.



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Business Topics or Issues

Conduct research on general business and economic topics and trends through use of invisible or hidden web resources which will give insight to businesses in order to run their companies effectively and efficiently.




Current Awareness

Keep informed about your competitors, customers and industry by setting up saved searches and RSS alerts which means that when new information is published it is automatically pushed out to you so that you do not have to spend valuable time repeating these searches over and over.



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