Project Examples

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of information projects. Here are just a few examples of what we can do.

Advertising & Marketing

Case studies on effectiveness of advertising, including the effect on company’s stock

In-depth articles that describe the branding process

What is the value of a marketing mix and when should you use one medium over another

The basics of packaging for consumer products, types of packaging, and role packaging plays in branding


Economic Development

What is the economic impact of an airport in the community, including how it affects revenue generation, creates employment and boosts tourism

For an economic development organization, list of top 1,000 local companies in major NAICS categories, with sales of $1 million or more, to be used for business retention and expansion effort

Are low mortgage rates good for the market and the economy


Employment & Workforce

Statistics, forecasts, projections on what the workforce will look like in 2020, especially  % or # of millennials that will be in the workplace

Fee-based workplace financial literacy programs and  Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) in the region

Issues, trends in hiring people with disabilities, including percentage that are employed, benefits or risks employers face when hiring, and statistics on number of lawsuits filed post-hire

Trends in casual Friday dress and its effect on job performance


General Business

Business models for nonprofit theaters

Quantitative data on business loan app rejection based on credit or collateral

Biographical info on CEOs of major corporations in the county



$ spent on back pain treatments, $ paid out by insurance companies, $ spent on wellness, fitness trends

BI (Business Intelligence) systems in the healthcare industry – major players and who their customers are, pros and cons, opportunities, ROI

Statistics on numbers and $ amounts of in-patient and outpatient procedures performed in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and diagnostic imaging centers.

Pennsylvania colleges offering 3-year degree clinical based programs and alternative medicine (integrative health) as a major or certification

Learning management systems used in health organizations


Industry Overviews & Trends

Square footage opportunities for commercial construction in several major markets, historical statistics on new commercial construction and any forecasts and projections

Value-added milk products, especially aged cheeses

Background information on the life coaching industry

Industry overview and statistics for wire drawing industry

Overview and trends in the adventure vacation industry

Overview for retail, commercial and wholesale bakeries, including sales & trends for celiac and gluten free baked goods, pastries and desserts

With regard to residential and commercial mold damage insurance claims, what is the total dollar size for claims?  How is the insurance industry responding?


Target Markets

How to reach the business-to-business market for a line of high-end spa products

List of privately-owned health food stores in 300 mile radius

For a personal stylist targeting professional women, would like a list of female physicians and attorneys in five zip codes

List of engineering and steel fabricating companies within a 50 and 100 mile radius from Chicago, IL

Pet photography business – number of dog and cat owners, market segments, $ spent on pet products, ways to reach this audience through non-traditional media

Concerns of men 50+ regarding retirement issues