Public Library Services

Rhonda Kleiman Group LLC provides consultative services and staff workshops to public libraries that currently offer business reference services or those wishing to start a service.


Business Reference Basics

This workshop is designed for library staff that is unfamiliar with the subject of business information in order to remove the fear factor and help them feel more comfortable when helping patrons with this type of information.




Collection Development

Make recommendations and selections for both fee-based and free print and electronic resources for business reference and circulating collections for libraries that are unfamiliar or unsure of business resources and those with limited budgets so that the collection is balanced and well-rounded.




Community Partnerships and Collaborations

Assist in identifying community business groups and organizations that can provide opportunities for partnerships and collaborations as a way to promote your services to the business community and enable you to refer patrons to others that can assist with technical skills.




Business Database Search Skills

These workshops are designed for library staff with little or no familiarity with business databases so that they gain proficiency, which will enable them to more confidently assist patrons on how to use these resources.




Public Libraries and Economic Development

Counsel public libraries on the role they play in economic development by assisting small business start-ups and entrepreneurs so that these businesses can become and remain strong contributors as employers and wealth creators in their communities.




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